Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Looking Up - P52 and 52 Week Photo Challenge 2014 - Week 12

For this week's theme of P52 and the 52 Week Photo Challenge, the theme is "Looking Up." At first I was thinking literally: the sky, sun, moon, clouds, constellations...the list could go on. 

But then I thought, as I was looking back at the pictures I took this week, about the one I took of the flock of robins that visited our tree with the bright red berries next to the driveway.

There are five robins that landed within seconds of one another in the tree. 
Four are facing the house and one is facing the driveway. 

Seeing so many robins flying between this tree and the crab apple tree was such a day-brightener.

Given the long, cold winter when I saw these beautiful robins I thought, "Spring is finally coming. Things are looking up!" Before long the snow will be melted and there will be buds on the trees. Flowers will be emerging from the soil...and the gardens will be planted.

I'm hoping this happens sooner than it did last year. (We had a big snowfall on May 6th.) I'm eager to get outside and start mowing the grass, planting flowers, and maybe even plant a few new trees this year!

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Rita said...

Haven't seen any robins yet here, but it's been so cold still. And, yes--we can have snowstorms even in May, so spring is always a surprise when it finally arrives. ;)