Monday, March 24, 2014

Looking Down - P52 and 52 Week Photo Challenge 2014 - Week 13

We had the opportunity to visit Poplar Hill Dairy Goat Farm with the 4-H club in which Sophia and Olivia are members. Although we were hoping to feed the baby goats, they had already been fed for the evening.

Nonetheless, when we visited the kids (as the baby goats are called), and looked down in the many big white bins, we were greeted with adorable little ones...eager to be pet and get some extra attention.

Many were hoping we came with bottles, yet - even though we were not bearing food - they still enthusiastically clamored up the sides of the bins to get close to us.

I remember my dad telling me when I moved to the farm to never get goats. He said they eat absolutely anything they can find. We got to see this happen: some of the babies like to nibble on Olivia's and Sophia's hair.

We had a lot of fun seeing not only these goats, but the many dairy goats that are used for producing goat milk, cheese, and soap. The meat goats are kept in a different barn that we didn't visit.

The girls now want to have goats...though I think they are more fascinated with the tiny ones they were looking down at in the bins. The bigger ones weren't as captivating as the babies.

After the tour of the barns, we were able to sample some of Poplar Hill's goat milk and cheese. Sophia and Olivia both enjoyed the milk and cheese, and we ended up buying a quart of milk. Within a couple of days, the milk was gone. Clearly it was a hit!

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you-wee because said...

Thanks a lot Ann, for your kind comment.
Sooner or later it'll be spring time in the area you and your family live, too. It's all a matter of patience... ;-)
In the meanwhile you may browse through your blog fellows posts to fetch spring impressions and to preserve them in your heart and soul.
Regards from Germany, Uwe.

Rita said...

They are just the cutest little things!! I've used goat's milk soap, too. :)