Friday, April 27, 2012

P52 Photo Challenge - Green - Week 17

For this week's P52 challenge, the theme is "green."

This photograph shows a small part of a much-larger quilt that was displayed at a quilt show that Sophia, Olivia, and I attended on April 21st.

Each of the white squares had a flower and leaf - each with a different fabric. From a distance, you could see that it was a green and white patchwork quilt. The closer you walked to the quilt, the clearer the flowers became...and then the patterns within each of the flowers  became much clearer.

This quilt was one of many at a biennial show produced by the Forest Lake Memorial Quilters. Sophia, Olivia, and I were very inspired by the diversity and number of quilts shown. The talent and creativity of the quilters was impressive.

The Memorial Quilters was formed in 1979 with about 12 members. It held its first quilt show in 1980. Today, there are more than 50 members who meet once a month. They have educational meetings, guest speakers, teachers, and parties.

The guild also has two day-long retreats - one in the spring and the other in the fall; and field trips. They  do a variety of challenge projects, and block exchanges, and service projects. They make quilts for seniors at a local nursing home; a quilt for the first and last baby born each year at a nearby hospital; and quilts for those in need.

I left the show thinking the Memorial Quilters would be something that I would enjoy participating in once the more intense part of the homeschooling year is done (end of May).  I like the combination of education-social-service...especially the last component (using quilting to help and serve others).

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Denise Mulligan said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and your work is lovely

Rita said...

That's a pretty quilt!
Sounds like a good group to join. Even the retreat sounds fun. Of course, knowing how to quilt would help--LOL! I'd be lost. ;)

Donna said...

The quilt is very pretty. It sounds like it would be fun to join the quilting group when things get quieter with homeschooling.