Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Help Create a Library in Africa!

Help create a library in Lesotho (Africa) for primary school children by donating your gently-used or new books!

Sophia and Olivia (ages 11 and 9 respectively) and their mom (Ann) are organizing a book drive on behalf of the African Library Project to collect 1,000 books and raise $800 to store, pack, and ship the books to Africa. As a homeschooling family, an important part of education is service, giving to others, and trying to make a positive impact in the world.

Over 50% of the people in Lesotho live on less than $1 per day. That isn’t much money to purchase anything beyond the basics. Books truly are a luxury – both at home and at school.

Books Needed for a Children’s Library in Lesotho

We need to collect 1,000 books for a primary school library in Lesotho by September 30, 2012. The items should be in good condition (they can be gently used or new). The most appropriate and needed items are:

Ø  Baby board books
Ø  Children’s picture books
Ø  Children’s fiction and non-fiction
Ø  Early readers
Ø  BIG books
Ø  Teacher's resource books for school libraries
Ø  Children’s dictionaries/picture dictionaries
Ø  Encyclopedias less than 15 years old
Ø  Children’s encyclopedias/picture encyclopedias
Ø  Children’s thesauruses
Ø  Children’s health books
Ø  Paperback textbooks in math, English, geography, health, and science at appropriate level (kindergarten to 6th grade)
Ø  Books with universal themes (e.g., friendships, animals, love)
Ø  Accurate up-to-date atlases
Ø  Books about Africa or African-Americans
Ø  Educational children's science and literary magazines in good condition
Ø  Brain teasers, flash cards, educational games, and puzzles

Books may be mailed to: Ann Rinkenberger in Scandia, Minnesota. Please visit our book drive webpage for the address for where to mail books HERE.

Donations can be made by: If you prefer to donate money, we can accept checks, money orders, or cash. (The checks and money orders should be made out to Ann Rinkenberger with “Library of Hope Book Drive” in the memo.) Monetary donations may be sent to the address on our book drive webpage.

Donations also can be made via Paypal. Please use the email account when Paypal asks to whom you want to send money.

For more information about the book drive and the progress we are making; Lesotho; and additional ways to help, please visit our website at:

We believe every child has a right to read; and reading will give the students in Lesotho an opportunity to have bright futures. We would like to see every child in Lesotho to be able to enjoy a library and reading just as we do in the United States.

Please make a difference by donating to the Library of Hope Book Drive.
Your help will give children hope of a better future!

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