Friday, April 6, 2012

3 in 30 April Goals - Update #1

At the end of the first week of the April, I have done the following towards my three goals in the 3 in 30 challenge:

1 – Prepare and host an Easter gathering. I planned the menu for 16 people, wrote the grocery list, shopped for the items, and began making some of the food that can be made ahead of time.

On Thursday, I made two loaves of zucchini spice bread with Olivia; and peanut candy bars. The latter was a new recipe and it turned out really well which made me happy.

On Friday morning, I hard-boiled a dozen eggs for the girls to dye as well as put some aside for deviled eggs. I'll be making banana bread, herb twists, and mounds bars later this morning and afternoon.

The bulk of the cooking and baking will be on Saturday and Sunday. All of it will be packed up at that time and transported to my mom's home that is 50 miles away.

I set two and decorated two tables at my mom's home as well as put some of her Easter decorations around her home. On Wednesday, Ibrought home the plastic Easter eggs from her home to fill with coins. These will be hidden around the front yard and hung from the crabapple tree.
More information about Easter, the challenges with the holiday this year, and details about the goal can be found HERE.

What's on the menu for Easter? With the exception of the items that have a * by them, I'm making the following: ham, BBQ ribs*, scalloped potatoes, sweet potato casserole*, vegetable casserole, croissants*, banana bread, zucchini spice bread, herb twists, applesauce, asparagus-strawberry tossed salad, lime-mint jello, and jello in the shape of eggs.

For dessert, there's cake in the shape of a lamb, lemon curd tartlets with fresh raspberries and mint on top, key lime bars, peanut candy bars, and mounds bars. There will be a variety of Easter candies and mixed nuts available as well.

To drink, there's a red punch, juice, and water.

 2 – Clean half my office. I cleaned two out of ten shelves in my closet. I removed everything from the top of the filing cabinet and placed the items where they should belong. Then I worked on cleaning about one-third my desk top by filing items or placing them back where they should have been put in the first place.

I also briefly went through one of my desk drawers in order to get my bill holder/clipboard in it. In the process, recycled at least a dozen catalogs that I didn't even realize I had in that drawer.

So far, I have one grocery bag of items to donate; two bags of garbage; and one bag of items for recycling.

3 – Clean the blue room. I did not work on this at all.


What Remains Now said...

Easter menu sounds WONDERFUL! Please take pictures. Wishing everyone a very blessed Easter.

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Great goals, Ann, and what an ambitious plan for Easter! I hope everything goes smoothly. Congrats on all you have done already!

Sherri said...

Wow you have had a very busy month so far. I just figured out my goals and here you are working on yours. GREAT JOB!!!!

Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

Wow - that is an awesome menu!! Can I come to your house?! It sounds delicious :)

Kelli Becton-AdventurezInChildRearing said...

sounds like a lovely menu! Enjoy your Easter with your family ;)

Nikki said...

What great goals! And you'll be done with one of them on Monday! Of course, there's a lot of work to be done before wonder you didn't get anything done on #3. But you're doing great!