Saturday, July 17, 2010

Learning the ABCs through ATCs

H is for Horse ATC
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Pictures by Ann
This is an artist trading card (ATC) that I made for the alphabet book that I gave to Olivia last year for her birthday. It is made from wool felt (front and back) and hand-embroidered. It is the standard size (2 1/2" x 3 1/2").

The alphabet book was made for Olivia as she was learning the alphabet. The thought was to give her a tangible way to learn the alphabet and words that begin with each letter while exposing her to a variety of artwork that she could touch. It’s important that children have art that they can touch and interact with…something that many museums don’t allow. ATCs give children this opportunity.

In some cases, she has to think what the connection is between the artwork and the letter (e.g., “U is for udder,” “I is for iris folding), while others are obvious, like this ATC ("H is for horse").

There are 52 cards total in the book (26 made by me; 26 made by other artists/craftspeople throughout the world). Within the book, there are a variety of methods used with the ATCs: collage; embroidery; iris folding; coloring and rubbings with Prismacolor color pencils; needlefelting; origami; weaving, and beadwork.

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