Monday, July 5, 2010

Dad's Pink Rose

Dad's Pink Rose
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This was one of my dad's favorite roses in his front yard. There was a storm in the afternoon, so there are drops of rain on the petals.

He has a variety of roses and annuals along the front walkway. The roses are my favorite...and I think they are his favorite also.

14 months ago my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. At that time, he seemed forgetful, was struggling with expressing himself (didn't remember some nouns), and had very little interest in things that he enjoyed doing his adult life - like gardening.

After being diagnosed and being put on two medicines (now he's on 3), there was an improvement in his mood and he had a renewed interest in things like caring for his roses.

Although he still struggles on a daily basis, and the disease is robbing him of his abilities, simple things - like the beauty of a rose - are things that lift his (and my) spirit.

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