Monday, July 19, 2010

Angel the Eagle

Angel the Eagle
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Angel is one of the eagles at the National Eagle Center in Wabasha, Minnesota. The birds here have been rescued and rehabilitated. The goal is to release them into the wild.

However, there are some that can't fly up or out a certain distance which means that they would be unable to get food in the wild. Without food, they wouldn't survive.

So, at the Eagle Center they are used for educational purposes and cared for (they have time inside and outside each day).

Some interesting facts we learned about eagles:

- An eagle can see a rabbit up to 3 miles away.
- All adult eagles have white heads and tails, which they get in their fourth or fifth years. The brown or speckled eagles are birds that have not yet reached adulthood.
- Eagles will sit on the edge of the nest and expel waste 5 feet away.
- Females have larger wingspans than males and weigh approximately 30% more.
- Eagles weigh between 8-14 pounds with a body length of 30” to 43”. (Just a quick side note: Olivia is 44" tall.)
- Most nests are about four feet wide and three feet’ or more deep.
- Eagles spend about 92% of their winter days just sitting

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