Sunday, January 3, 2010

Olivia All Bundled Up

I think it's important that the girls play outside each day (if the weather permits it).

It's above zero degrees, so Olivia is excited about playing outside. She's pretty toasty in there with the big snowsuit, handmade scarf, and hat.

She and Sophia are taking down icicles off the house to use with their snow fort.

Olivia always asks if she has "rosy cheeks" when she comes inside from playing outside or working with the horses.

Sophia enjoying an icicle while she and Olivia are playing.


suzanne said...

Hello Ann

I have a little Olivia too. A cute name for a little cute bundle. While you play in the snow, we are playing in the Sun.

A happy day to you
Warm regards

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

We miss the sun! It's -14 degrees below zero today (the windchill...the actual temperature is -7). A little too cold even for us!

Veelana said...

Wow, you're daughters are just adorable! I'm so glad to see that there are still kids eating icicles! I loved doing that when I was younger...