Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Girls in Snow Fort

Girls in Snow Fort
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Last week it rained quite a bit. Slowly, the snow fort "melted." However, because there was so much rain the snow became heavy and saturated - perfect for building snow blocks.

Took 2 buckets and filled them with snow. Pressed down each one with the other bucket. Added 2 layers to the girls' snowfort. They filled the holes in with snow.

Would have liked to build it even higher, but my back started to hurt (I have degenerative disk disease). Hopefully the snow stays packable so the girls and I can build the fort higher and with windows!

This is a view of the snow fort prior to adding the snowblocks:

I remember growing up and building a snowfort with my dad, sister, and brother in the backyard when I was about Olivia's age.

Later (in upper-elementary school) I remember building snowforts in the drifts that would come up off the lake. Mom would have hot chocolate and homemade cookies dry mittens ready so we could go out and play more.

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