Friday, July 10, 2009

All Natural Toys for Children

Pink Frosted Donut
Originally uploaded by Pictures by Ann
This is one of the donuts that I make that was featured in the LIVING CRAFTS magazine (Winter 2008-09 issue) under the "Good Finds" section.

It is made from all-natural materials. The base of the donut is made with 100% wool felt that has been plant-dyed by hand. The frosting is made from 100% wool felt.

I hand-cut, blanket-stitched, and filled the donut with 100% clean, carded sheep wool. The wool came from sheep that I raised.

This piece is meant to provide a rich, sensory experience and intended to be enjoyed for many years by children.

They are great for imaginary a play kitchen, pretend bakery, or a tea party.

Children who have low vision or are blind will enjoy the different textures of the wool and the toppings. (My daughter is legally blind in both eyes, and loves to play with toys with different textures.)

It is available in my shop, Harvest Moon by Hand.

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