Friday, July 3, 2009

Buttons for Crafting or Math Activities

Went through my button jars and created this melon-inspired button collection in pink, green, and white that's available in my shop, Harvest Moon by Hand. The colors remind me of summer, watermelons, and picnics.

With over 75 buttons to choose from, you could use them for a variety of projects: sewing, quilting, ATCs, ACEOs, scrapbooking, art journaling, jewelry...the possibilities are endless.

Buttons also are wonderful, tactile objects to use with math activities with children. Here are some ideas:

- match and sort the buttons (by shape, color, number of holes in the button, texture, pattern)

- addition and subtraction

- count and skip count (by 2, 3, 5, 10)

- create pattern series (green, green, pink, white, green, green, pink, white)

- introduce the concept of greater than, less than, and equal

- make different graphs using groups of buttons

- guess the number of buttons in jars

There are so many ways to use buttons in math. Having something tangible...something a child can manipulate...can make all the difference in helping introduce a new concept or comprehending a concept with which a child is struggling.

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