Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Olivia and Hoss the Miniature Horse

Finally...a horse that is Olivia's size. Adopted Hoss on Sunday, July 19th. He will be coming to the farm as soon as the girls and I get the barn ready.

Hoss was rescued and taken into the care of the Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation. Adopted him from MHARF.

He stands 31" at the withers...so he's very small. He's calm, stood patiently while he was groomed, let Olivia lead him on a walk with no problems.

His body has been shaved because his coat was pretty heavy and the weather was hot. His normal color on his body looks more like his face.

Because he is young and healthy, Olivia can do obstacle courses, jumping, and other activities with Hoss. From a homeschooling perspective, this is great for phy ed as well as learning about responsibility and caring for an animal.

She's eager to start doing chores, she said. Already on Monday morning, she asked twice about when she can start working in the barn to get it ready for Hoss.

Also would like to see if Hoss may be good for visiting nursing homes and seniors who have memory loss issues, like Alzheimer's Disease. Have seen this done in other states, but nothing like this exists in Minnesota (to my knowledge). He certainly has the perfect temperment/personality for it.


eag said...

Hope it is working out well.he looks a lot like Tally, our neighbour's pony who sometimes comes to visit and today has run away!For a peek go to Zorro's Blog.

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Yes, Hoss does look a lot like Tally. He'll look quite different in a few months with all the hair that he grows for his winter coat.