Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Preparations

Had this idea in my "Thanksgiving" folder for some time now. The girls are older and thought this might be a fun activity for them to do this year.

Sophia took a sugar cookie and frosted the top with chocolate frosting. On top of that, she placed seven pieces of candy corn (for the feathers).

In the middle of the cookie, she placed two drops of frosting on which she placed Skittles. She topped each with a tiny amount of frosting for the pupils. (It's all in the details, I guess.)

With orange decorator gel, she drew on a beak and legs.

She and Olivia did this during the weekly homeschool Home Ec class I teach. All the girls enjoyed this activity. It's fun...easy...and gives kids a sense of satisfaction of being able to decorate a cookie.

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