Thursday, November 13, 2008

Girls Ready to Eat Octopus Hotdog Lunch

Not a typical lunch I would make for the girls, but this one tied into a homeschool unit study on the ocean and ocean life after reading the book "Dolphins at Daybreak" (part of the Magic Treehouse series).

The hotdogs were cut into 8 parts at the end with about an inch or so uncut at the top to represent an octopus.

When the hotdogs are put in hot, boiling water the arms shrivel up a bit. They thought this was pretty cool to watch.

The octopus hotdogs sit on a bed of macaroni and cheese (for Olivia) and rice (for Sophia because she has a dairy allergy).

I enjoy bringing books to life for the girls, and one way to do that is through food. As they watched their lunch cooking on the stove, they shared some information they remembered hearing about octopuses (or octopi...whichever form you prefer using) and the ocean. I know they were listening to what I was reading.

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