Sunday, November 9, 2008

Alphabet Book with ATCs

Z is for Zebra
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I am in the process of making an alphabet book for Olivia (my 5 1/2 year old daughter) for Christmas. This project has been going on now for several months, and is almost done.

Each page of the book has 2 ATCs (artist trading cards) - one that I made and one that someone else has made. I've been trading cards through a swap on Swap-Bot with different partners throughout the U.S. It's been interesting to see the different styles of cards that are in the book.

This card is one that I made a while back, but it was never traded. Since Olivia likes zebras and loves the tactile cards (she's legally blind in both eyes and responds better to the tactile/sensory cards), I thought this would be a nice one for her book.

It is made with zebra-printed fabric on both sides. The card is hand-embroidered using the blanket-stitch. The green ribbon is in the shape of a "Z" and has beads hand-sewn on it.


Anonymous said...

If anyone would like to know more about artist trading cards and their history, or how to make artist trading cards, they may also be interested in a couple of articles that I've written.

Mª Clara Lloveras said...

Hello, from Spain.

I have discovered your blog and is very pretty!

I make ATCs and I would like to make an interchange with you, you want?

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Maria Clara Ll.