Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year's Goals

Somewhere I read the following approach to resolutions in the new year. Rather than doing the usual "resolutions," go a step further and write down your goals in several categories that resonate with you: family, financial, mental, personal, physical, social and spiritual.

Here are the ones I have in each category for 2018:

- Spend more time together doing family activities that are free or low-cost.
- Ensure that we do all the monthly activities for Sophia's 17th birthday year.
- Take at least one day trip to a place we've never been before.
- Celebrate each major holiday in some way to continue our family traditions.

- Save weekly and invest at the end of the year ($1 during the first week, $2 during the second week, etc.).
- Save $3 per day and invest monthly in a Roth IRA.
- Pay in full any non-mortgage debt.
- Do Financial Peace University.

- Do Lumosity at least five times per week to keep my mind active.
- Learn a new skill (either a craft/art or woodworking).

- Lose 25 pounds. Even 20 pounds would be ideal.
- Use a bullet journal and calendar to work towards goals that I've set in many areas.

- Learn yoga and practice it regularly.
- Continue with Pilates and learn new exercises on the Reformer to strengthen my core and left side of my body (due to multiple injuries that have weakened it).

- Attend bi-monthly Lions meetings.
- Volunteer with the Lions at least once a month.
- Volunteer at the nursing home at least once a month.
- Volunteer at the animal shelter once a month.
- Gather with my sister's and brother's families at least quarterly.

- Finish the Spiritual Practices from A to Z blog posts that I started and never finished.
- Read at least four books focused on spirituality during 2018. 


B Karth said...

Hi - I'm a grandmother to children living 2000 miles from me. Your goals and reports in each and every blog post inspire me. Wish I had been as creative with my children as you are. But I try to use some of your ideas for times that I do see my grandchildren. Keep up your caring, sharing, traditions, and volunteering - it makes life so more worthwhile... you are an inspiration and a real blessing to your family! Kindly, B

Rita said...

What a great idea to have goals in so many categories. I may need to write those down. ;)