Monday, January 1, 2018

2018 Nature Goals

During 2018, I would like to work towards the following goals. Some I've done in the past and others are new ones for this year:

1. Take 6 new hikes.
2. Read 4 books about nature (one per quarter).
3. Visit 2 state parks that I’ve never seen.
4. Visit 2 nature centers that I haven’t visited before.
5. Do 1 entry per month in my nature journal.
6. Go on a camping trip to a new location.
7. Plant on our nature trail 10 trees and shrubs that are native to Minnesota. (Do this after assessing what types of trees we have at the farm and aiming to have at least 25 different varieties after everything is planted.)
8. Attend 2 workshops, classes, or activities at state parks.
9. Have 4 picnics when the weather is pleasant and we aren't battling with mosquitoes.
10. Walk on 4 outdoor labyrinths. (My eventual goal is to have walked on the same number of labyrinths as my age. Obviously, I have a long way to go to reach this goal.)


Rita said...

Love your list. There's a short window between pleasant weather and mosquitoes, though--LOL!

Barb McCoy said...

I love the planting native plants and shrubs goal! Wish I could help!

Annie Kate said...

What fun! I have not made a formal list, but I hope to learn more about the plants along our river and plant some native wild edible berries for us. I hope I'll find out what books you read.