Thursday, May 11, 2017

Educational Travel on a Shoestring (Book Review/Notes)

Educational Travel on a Shoestring by Judith Waite Allee and Melissa L. Morgan had many practical and frugal ideas for traveling domestically and internationally.

We are planning a trip to Arizona and Colorado this summer, and are trying to make it both a learning/academic experience and a way to do some 4-H projects while still having fun.

Some of the tips were ones that I already do thanks to the frugal traveling my parents did when the took my sister, brother, and I on trips.

There were a few ideas from the book that I felt would be particularly meaningful and relevant to our upcoming trip:

- Guide each of your children to develop a new interest and then bring it out through travel. For example, take a class, attend a performance, give the child an opportunity to paint (if she likes to paint), learn how to cook, and so forth.

- Have each child write about their daily experiences as a way to build their writing skills. You could do the best and worst thing about each day; top-ten lists. Take a sketchbook and embellish writing with artwork.

- Create a bring a nature toolkit. Include plastic bags and canisters, masking tape for labels, magnifying glass, aquarium net, notebook and pencils, flashlight for your head, binoculars, work gloves, disposable wet wipes, tracing paper for leaf rubbings and tracing nature pictures, sketch pad, and drawing materials.

- Have each child create a memory album. Include postcards, photo captions, stickers, stamps, coins, brochures, napkins, and other flat mementos.

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