Friday, February 17, 2017

Getting Rid of Congestion or Stuffy Nose Naturally

This morning I woke up with a stuffy nose. It's probably because of allergies and having two dogs and two cats sleeping on the bed with me each night. (The other two dogs and cat sleep in other rooms.)

At any rate, found a pin on Pinterest from quite a while ago. It led to Mind Energy and focused on how to get rid of a stuffy or runny nose without drugs.

According to Mind Energy, there are four points to massage which makes it easy to remember. You should lightly massage the four points noted below three times:

- Perform 10 pressures on a cavity at the corner of the nostrils (point 1). You should almost close and open the nostrils when you do the round movement. (See the photo below for the round movement and how the direction that you should move your fingers.)

- Perform 10 pressures on a cavity just below the corner of the eyes near the nose (point 2)

- Perform 10 pressures on a cavity just below the ear, behind the earlobe (point 3)

- Massage the earlobe 10 times (point 4)

After you put pressure on those four points, there should be an immediate relief of nasal congestion. Ideally, repeat the procedure above ten minutes later for longer-lasting results. Mind Energy notes that you shouldn't push the cartilage of the nose or ears.

I followed the procedure twice as recommended and was surprised at the results! I can breathe a lot better than I could when I woke up.

Sophia has severe allergies, and I'm going to share this technique with her since she sometimes has to use nasal spray as prescribed by her allergist. Hopefully this will help her as much as it did me this morning.

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