Monday, December 26, 2016

The Twelve Days of Christmas Blog Challenge - Day 2

Continuing with The Twelve Days of Christmas Blog Challenge, the second day focuses on two foods that I can't get through Christmas without.

For our family, making desserts is something we enjoy doing during the Christmas season. We have some standard Christmas cookies that we make each year - like Santa Hats and Peppermint Shortbread Cookies.

Then there's a variety of additional new recipes we try. Of course, I didn't take photos of any of them except this cake.

Some we will definitely make again while others we won't. The cake is one we'd make again. It was a hit. It's a white cake mix, but other ingredients are added: like a stick of butter and 1 cup of sour cream. There are eggs in it too.

The frosting is homemade - the primary ingredient is powered sugar.

The marshmallows should have been white - like on a Christmas stocking. The grocery store - interestingly - didn't have white marshmallows the day I went. They had these pink peppermint ones instead. The kids (and young adults) loved the it all worked out.

The second thing that makes a Christmas dinner is predictability. We know that there will be ham, cheesy potatoes, vegetable casserole, and applesauce. There were also fresh vegetables and dip which was good.

This was the first year that we were at my sister's condo. There's a community/party room there that she reserved. It worked out nicely and everyone could fit comfortably in the room and around the tables.

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Rita said...

Not sure why blogger is sending me six at a time. It has done that with your posts before. ??
Anyways, looks like a nice Christmas. Using that room at her condo turned out great.