Sunday, February 22, 2015

15 Creative Goals in 2015

I've been thinking about what I want to learn and do in terms of my creative goals in 2015. Although almost two months have already passed, there's still ten months ahead to incorporate more creative time in my life.

During 2015, I want to:

1. Learn how to do fused glass.

2. Do glass blowing.
3. How to build a portable brick oven so I can create homemade pizzas and breads in it during the summer.
4. Finish all the WIP (works in progress) in the bin.
5. Go through all the fabric bins and donate what I no longer like or want.
6. Use the bag of felted wool to make a project (or two).
7. Learn 3 new crocheting stitches.
8. Make a pair of socks using the sock loom.

9. Learn to knit and make something useful.
10. Use some of Dad's clothes and make legacy gifts to give to Mom, Mary, Jim, and me.
11. Do two upcycled crafts that use jeans.
12. Make six handmade cards using inspiration from other DIY cards.
13. Make three homemade bath products.
14. Paint and install a barn quilt.

15. Make something for the next door neighbor's daughter who is expecting her first child this spring, and who has a baby shower in March. Did this on March 1st. I made two baby bassinets from diapers and a washcloth bouquet

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Rita said...

I've heard of the barn quilts. Can I ask you--are they painted on? Do you paint them directly on the barn or on a large piece of wood or metal that you hang on the barn? I have always wondered about them, but never bothered to look into it. I figured you would know since it is on your great list. ;)