Friday, July 25, 2014

101 Days of Summer Fun - Update #9

This week we didn't quite follow the original plan for the 101 Days of Summer Fun that I had hoped we would do. The reality of life and home repairs definitely interfered with what we were able to do. Yet each day was full of things we did - both fun and practical things that are part of real life.

Saturday, July 19 - Since Olivia loves rock climbing, she and I went to Taylors Falls and did the I Can Climb! program that's offered through the DNR. She wanted to do a climb that she tried last year but wasn't able to reach the top. This year she was determined to climb the entire way up.

She stuck with the climb and made it to the very top!

She did another even more ambitious climb that involved climbing around a tree and adjusting the rope around sections of rock that protruded above her.

She did a great job with that climb as well and made it to the top. Rock climbing is definitely her sport!

Sunday, July 20 - Last week when we came back from the trip up north, we noticed a rather significant water stain on the ceiling below the bathroom. The stain on the right is right by the bathtub and the little hole to the left  is below a section of the drain where there's a PVC elbow.

The stain has increased in size and on Monday the bathroom will be gutted and reconstructed.

Until then, we have a quart jar on the dining room table collecting water that is dripping through the ceiling every time someone takes a shower or bath. This can't be good.

Paige took the girls to pick up their projects at the county fair. It was very hot and humid, so although it was fun to see the animals (like the rabbits), it was also nice to get back home to air conditioning.

Monday, July 21 - Today Sophia, Olivia, and I went to the nursing home and helped the seniors play "big bowling." The seniors have a lot of fun doing this, and we are happy to help make this activity happen there.

Although everything is large - the bowling ball and pins - it is still is challenging to get the pins down.

After the seniors were done playing, they wanted to see Sophia, Olivia, Tia (the volunteer director), and I play as well. It was wonder they enjoy this activity so much!

Tuesday, July 22 - Olivia had an appointment with the orthodontist. This is a follow-up to having braces a couple of years ago and then needing to finish the work once all her adult teeth came in.

We went to the library for a bit, and then came back home. Construction on the bathroom continued.

The walls are being removed, part of the floor, the bathtub, and the tiling on the floor and walls. It's a complete tear-out. It seems like the more that is removed, the more bad things are discovered. At least things will be fixed and up to code once everything is done.

Wednesday, July 23 - In the morning, we attended a funeral for one of  the seniors whom we enjoyed visiting at the nursing home: John Jackson. The girls each wrote a memory they had of John on a card and attached it to a hydrangea from our garden.

One of the employees from the funeral home had the girls place their flowers right up front with the beautiful big bouquets of flowers. He was touched by the fact that they wrote memories of John and said that the family will enjoy reading them.

The girls spent some time in the afternoon with their friend, Mary B. She wanted to see and hear about their projects that they submitted to the fair.

After Mary left, we went to the Scandia Farmers Market today and enjoyed seeing Joanne (a volunteer with the Ann Bancroft Foundation), Pam Arnold, and Ann Bancroft.

We bought a lot of delicious fresh produce that Pam and other farmers grew. It was Wellness Wednesday at the market, so there were samples to taste, music, and activities. Lots of fun!

Thursday, July 24 - This was Aspen's last day of puppy obedience training. She did very well.

She's always so alert at class and is getting more comfortable with the different dogs, people, and activities.

This week there were some basic agility activities for the puppies to try. Plus some different things to do - like putting an item of clothing around the puppy's neck and taking it to a hoop to sit.

The bathroom is coming alone, but we still don't have use of the bathtub yet. However, we are one step closer! The bathtub is in place with its lovely bright blue protective color.

This is a soaking tub so it is taller than the last tub we had, plus has an angled back and arm rests.

Friday, July 25 - Sophia and Olivia worked on their projects for the county fair after we did a cat therapy visit in the morning at the nursing home.

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Rita said...

Go Sophia! She really likes her rock climbing!

Sorry to hear you lost one of your seniors, but that was sweet to write down the memories. I'm sure the family will appreciate that so much.

The pup is doing well in class and the bathroom...goodness! Overhaul must have been due, but what a huge project. Will be nice when it's all finished, though. :)