Friday, July 4, 2014

101 Days of Summer Fun - Update #6

Here it is the sixth week of the 101 Days of Summer Fun. Although I had a plan at the beginning of the summer, it seems like most of the days I'm not following it. Real life and obligations come up, and those take priority over what I had hoped to do. 

At any rate, it seems like June just sped by. Here's what we did each day:

Saturday, June 28 - We celebrated my birthday one day earlier since Sophia and Olivia have equine vaulting tomorrow afternoon.  My family wanted to make dinner for me which I thought was really nice. Here's my birthday dinner:

It was such a thoughtful and delicious meal. I enjoyed having dinner at home, made from scratch from those I love.

Sunday, June 29 - After a morning at-home spa treatment for my birthday, I had some time to relax. Sophia and Olivia were busy making lunch and bringing out blankets, food, and games for a picnic lunch.

We ate under the arbor that Jim built for us many years ago. After lunch, we played a game of Skip-Bo. Sophia won...again. Then Olivia finished next, followed by me.

The girls had equine vaulting in the afternoon.

Monday, June 30 - Today was Sophia's 13 1/2 birthday. She received three gifts: dinner at a restaurant (which she requested), a gift certificate to Target to purchase an iPod screen protector, and a movie out later in the week.

The main focus today was eating dinner at the Chinese buffet which has a wonderful variety of food.

This is the restaurant that we often eat at for birthdays, New Year's Day, and adoption days.

Sophia made blueberry ice cream today. It is a much more complicated recipe than what she has made in the past, so she enjoyed making it and challenging herself to do something more difficult.

Tuesday, July 1 - Today felt like a busy - but fun - day. We started the day with agility training with Cooper.

He enjoyed being the center of attention on the car ride, during class, and on the ride home.

He was very tired after class. It takes a lot of work and concentration to do agility training.

When we came home, Sophia and Olivia worked on 4-H projects. Olivia decorated a set of pens with lace and feathers.

She also worked on a painting project which she enjoyed.

Sophia concentrated on her embroidered dish towel. She is almost done with it. It's taken a long time because her stitches are so tiny and even.

In the afternoon, we helped at the nursing home with a pre-4th of July food and craft.

Half of the seniors helped prepare a fruit salad with blueberries, strawberries, and melon. We had plenty left over, so Tia and I went room-to-room to deliver bowls of fresh fruit. The seniors were delighted to have a special treat brought right to their room.

The other half of the group did some coloring and decorating of 4th of July themed coloring sheets. A daughter of one resident and husband of another resident joined us which was nice.

Wednesday, July 2 - Sophia and Olivia worked on their mixes in a jar for the county fair.

This is the first time that they have ever made the layered mixes. Olivia made a soup mix and dessert mix that will have a mermaid/sea theme.

Sophia did two different chocolate mixes: one for hot chocolate and one for a dessert.

These will be nice to have on hand when we need to make something quick and don't want to scramble to find all the ingredients.

Sophia also learned how to make two different types of goat cheese.

Although she likes goat milk and goat cheese (the hard type), she did not care for the soft goat cheese. At least she learned the process for making soft cheese.

Thursday, July 3 - This morning was puppy obedience class. Aspen is doing well, though she is still afraid of others taking her leash and being separated from us.

Sophia spent the late afternoon and night at a friend's home so they could watch the fireworks at Marine on St. Croix together.

While she was gone, Olivia and I focused on making some items for camping. We created a portable grill made from a coffee can, dirt, tinfoil, charcoal, and a grill cover.

Friday, July 4 - We had a low-key holiday. Sophia, Olivia, and Paige went to the 4th of July parade at Marine on St. Croix. I stayed home and made lunch for everyone when they came back home.

We enjoyed the strawberry cheesecake ice cream and blueberry ice cream (red, white, and blue) for dessert.

Hopefully next year I'll be more prepared for the holiday. It seems like it was here before we knew it. Where is the summer going?

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