Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Countdown to Halloween 2013 - Spider Theme

Although we aren't huge fans of spiders, that was the theme of today's Countdown to Halloween. We chose to make two food items again today for dinner:  Olive Spiders on Crackers and Spider Cupcakes.

Spider Bites

The other day when we did the witch theme, we used round crackers and the spreadable cheese. When I saw the pin for Spider Bites on Sugar N Spice Gals, it made sense to try them since we already had two of the three ingredients on hand.

Sophia with the spider bites she made.

To make the Spider Bites, you need:
- Ritz Crackers
- 1 can large olives
- 1 can of spreadable cheese

To make one spider, squirt the cheese on the cracker. Spread it so it covers the cracker completely.

Olivia spreading the cheese on the crackers.

Cut an olive in half, using one half for the body and the other half for eight thin slivers for the legs.

Sophia placing the olive halves 
on some of the crackers.

Put the body of the spider on first, and then lay the legs on - spreading them out to appear like the legs of a spider.

Olivia putting the legs on her spider.

Sophia and I liked the Spider Bites, but Olivia doesn't care for olives. So, she preferred her crackers just with cheese.

Spider Cupcakes

I saw the pin for Spider Cupcakes, but the pin didn't lead to a website with cake decoration ideas, but nothing for these particular cupcakes. So, we guessed as to how to make them.

Sophia made a batch of chocolate cupcakes and let them cool until dinner.

Sophia removing the cupcakes from the pan.

After dinner, we each took the cupcake holder off so the cupcake was bare. We frosted the top of the cupcake.

Olivia frosting her cupcake.

We added chocolate sprinkles. (The original pin showed that the cupcakes were not frosted, but we felt like they would be better with frosting and sprinkles on them.)

Sophia frosting her cupcake.

To make the head, we took a blob of frosting and put it on one side of the cupcake. We tried to round it a bit so it looked like a spider head.

Frosted cupcake with a blob of frosting 
on the plate for the head.

At this point, it was time for the legs.

Sophia adding legs to her spider.

Ideally, we would have used frosting that already came in a bag with a tiny point.

Olivia adding legs to her spider.

Instead, we put some frosting in a baggie and cut one of the ends off.

The width of the legs on my spider was a little too large.
They also weren't as smooth looking as the pin.

Unfortunately, I cut a bit too much off so the legs ended up being larger than we wanted.

Sophia's finished spider cupcake.

Regardless of how they looked, the Spider Cupcakes were delicious and nice way to end our spider-theme day of the Countdown to Halloween.

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