Sunday, June 30, 2013

Masking Tape Painting

Recently I came across a pin on Pinterest that led to Marie Teorien's blog that had a tutorial for tape painting.

Olivia's finished painting.

With the 4-H county fair coming up in July, Olivia thought it would be fun to try to do a masking tape painting for one of her art projects.

The first step was to choose a rigid canvas. Next, cut strips of masking tape in half and place in random patterns on the canvas.

Canvas with tape on it.

Then, choose your paint colors and put small amounts on a plate. Have a brush, water, and paper towels nearby. 

Olivia's ready to begin painting.

Paint each section a different color, Try not to put the same color in adjacent sections.

Olivia painting each section with a different color.

Do one coat of paint and let it dry. Repeat with a second layer of paint.

Let the painting dry for 24 hours.

Painted picture with masking tape still in place.

Next, slowly peel off the sections of masking tape to reveal the white parts underneath.

Olivia removing a section of masking tape.

This was something that Olivia enjoyed doing. To see the paint-covered tape removed to reveal the bright-white canvas completely changed the look of the painting.

Removing three pieces of tape at once.

Olivia enjoyed this project and was happy that she did it. She is pleased with the final painting (the first image on this post); and is looking forward to finding a frame for it so she can hang it in her room.


Rita said...

Fun project! That really turned out wonderfully, too. :)

Susan Evans said...

My kids would love doing this fun art project. It's simple enough that they can do it on their own, and yet it is truly beautiful, like a stained glass window.