Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Making Wool Felt Wands

When Sophia and Olivia were younger, they would play with wands made from wool felt, ribbons, and bamboo sticks. This summer, we are doing a farmers/craft market each week and I thought it would be good to make some wands for other children who might enjoy creative, imaginative play.

I've made two wands so far - both using a plant-dyed pale yellow wool felt.

On both sides, I hand-embroidered little stars that are embellished with clear beads.

In addition to play, wands are becoming increasingly popular for use in weddings by flower girls or bridesmaids as an alternative to a basket or floral bouquet. The colors of the felt, hand-embroidered stars, beads, and ribbons all could be adapted to the colors of the wedding.

The wands are stuffed with wool from sheep that were raised on our organic farm.

The five-pointed star is about 5 1/4 inches wide and 1 1/2 inches thick (13 cm wide x 3.5 cm thick). The dowel is approximately 10 1/2 inches (26.5 cm) in length (with 1 1/2 inches or 3.5 cm within the star for stability).

Both the ribbons and dowel are hot-glued onto the wool stuffing so they will not slip out with gentle use.

There is one wand remaining in my Etsy shop. I plan to make more during the upcoming weeks in different colors of wool felt, cotton embroidery floss, and ribbons.

At some point, I'll put two wands in Sophia and Olivia's memory boxes. These are boxes that they are keeping that include handmade items that they will receive and take with them when they have homes and families of their own.

Perhaps some day their children will play with the wands that I created. Until then...I am happy to create these handmade items for them to enjoy both now and in the future.

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DaffodilAngel said...

Just delightful and perfect colours too.