Monday, October 24, 2011

Pet Therapy - 52 Weeks of Giving - Week 42

On Thursday, Sophia and Olivia brought two cats (Eenie and Shadow) to see their grandfather (Papa) at the nursing home. This is the first time that either cat has been outside the home or veterinarian's office; and in a nursing home.

Dad/Papa with Sophia and Eenie

Eenie did well and responded positively to the attention. In fact, the nurses went around to different residents in the hospice and palliative care unit whom they knew liked cats and brought them out to see Eenie, Sophia, and Olivia.  One lady, in particular, Sophia said seemed to enjoy petting Eenie. She smiled a lot as she watched Eenie walk around.

Shadow, Dad/Papa, and Sophia.
(Sophia is looking at music therapy session that was in progress.)

Although Shadow didn't fare as well in a public setting, he did make a appearance for Dad/Papa. He ended up spending the majority of time under a bench. At least he was quiet while he was there.

The girls are excited to bring Eenie back to see Dad/Papa in the future. Likewise, he is eager to see Eenie again. In fact, three days later he remembered seeing the cats. For someone who is in the late stage of Alzheimer's Disease who has trouble recalling short-term memories, it is impressive that the experience made such an impact on him.

After spending time with the cats, Olivia, Dad/Papa, and I went to the aviary on the third floor. We have visited the birds before, and this is something that Dad/Papa enjoys. 

Olivia and Dad/Papa looking at the birds
in the aviary at the nursing home.

The finches are so colorful, and I think Dad/Papa liked seeing when they flew right in front of him.

Dad/Papa looking at the finches.

The 42nd Week of Giving was such a positive experience for Sophia, Olivia, and I; and one that will be a special memory for us all in years to come.


MissMOE said...

You've been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. Come check it out.

Anonymous said...

Looks like ur dad had a good time with the cats...
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germandolls said...

Hey,Ann, thanks for sharing the pictures of your Dad. I am glad he remembered the cats. My husbands grandma had Alzheimers. For many years when he was in college he sent her letters and photos each week. In the end he was the only person she remembered...
Thinking of you and keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers!