Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Help Split Wood and Clear Pasture - 52 Weeks of Giving - Week 43

Although this week's project in the 52 Weeks of Giving wasn't something we did to help others locally or globally, the girls still gave of themself and their time by helping me clear the pastures of logs and branches.

The log splitter Sophia, Olivia, and I used.

They also each took a turn at operating the log splitter. Olivia was fine with doing one log on the splitter.

Olivia learning how to split wood.

However, Sophia enjoyed splitting the logs - particularly the larger ones that had to be split many times. 

Sophia operating the log splitter.

By helping get the logs and branches out of the pasture, the girls make it safer for the horses - especially at night when these large objects could be tripped on and/or the horses injured by them.

Wood that now needs to be stacked before winter.

They also helped the environment by reusing trees that were destroyed by lightening or the ash borer insect.  Rather than having the wood simply rot in the pasture, we can burn it this winter in the woodstove and reduce the amount of propane that we use.

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