Monday, April 4, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my's dark, but I can hear the frogs chirping loudly in the pond.  They emerged from their hiberation a couple of days ago.

I am thinking...about my mom who was just taken to the hospital at 8:45 p.m. on Sunday night.  She was unable to stand and was feeling light-headed.  Her blood sugar was high, but not at an unreasonable level (she has diabetes).

I am thankful for...being able to live in the country where it is peaceful and quiet.

From the kitchen...took a break from cooking today since I cooked and baked for most of Saturday. 

I am wearing...pajamas (since it's 9:20 p.m.).

I am creating...several window stars for customers tomorrow.  Had several orders come in over the weekend which was nice!

I am the homeschool conference in less than two weeks now, and am very excited about attending the workshops and getting curricula for next year.

I am reading...a book called "Parenting a Child with Sensory Processing Disorder."

I am hoping...that after tomorrow's rain and snow that there will be no more precipitation for awhile.  The pastures are flooded in many areas, and it's challenging for the horses.

I am hearing...the frogs still chirping away. I enjoy hearing that sound each spring...there's something relaxing and comforting about the "music" that nature makes.

Around the house...I'm continuing to clean and organize different areas.  Worked on my desk today and am so happy with how clean it is now!

One of my favorite the show "Secret Millionaire."  I don't watch much television, but this is one show that I make the time for.  It's so inspiring seeing people give away large sums of money to those helping people in need and/or individuals who are facing a challenge.

A few plans for the rest of the week....teaching the girls; attending a dance performance at the Ordway (for students during the day); setting goals for the girls' 2011-12 school year and determining what I want them to learn; preparing for the homeschool conference by determining what I already have and don't need to purchase and what I do need to purchase for next year; plan the vegetable, fruit, and flower gardens; and continue working on cleaning the home.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Apple Blossom - Close Up

This is an apple blossom that was on one of the trees last year.  It's hard to believe that in about a month or so, the trees will be covered again with pretty flowers like this one!
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Nancy's WildWire said...

lovely post,I miss waking and taking my coffee outside to sit and savor the quiet music of the country.