Friday, April 29, 2011

Learning How to Transplant Houseplants

Many years ago, the girls planted two terrariums as well as a variety of cacti in two different planters. The cacti have outgrown their planters, so it was time that the plants were re-distributed to give the roots some more room.

The girls had never transplanted plants before, so I thought it would be a good thing for them to learn.

The first container had three different types of cacti plus an aloe vera plant.  When the plants were only about 2"-3" tall when they initially planted together.  In only a few years, they have grown quite a bit.

The other exciting thing - for the girls, especially - was that there were numerous smaller off-shoots that were starting to emerge from the soil ("baby plants" as they termed them). 
This is what the planter looked like before the transplanting.

Sophia decided to work with this one since she likes the aloe vera plant.  The next step was to fill the planter with some soil.

Sophia filling her container with soil.
She removed the plant from the soil along with its super long roots.

Sophia holding the aloe vera plant and
showing its long roots.

After adding more soil around the aloe vera plant, she watered it.  Since being transplanted about a week ago, the plant has done very well.  Now it has some room to spread out and not compete for water and space.

The aloe vera plant in its own container.

The other container also started out with similar-size plants (2"-3" plants).  The plant in the back has grown into what now looks like a small tree compared to the other cacti.  Olivia wanted to give the "tree" its own container.

The container before transplanting.

Olivia filled her container with soil, just like Sophia did.  She, likewise, allowed room in the container given the size of the "tree."
Olivia filling her planter with soil.

Olivia removed the "tree" from the container.  "It's heavy!" Olivia said.  She was so suprised at the weight of the plant once it was removed and she was holding it.

Olivia holding the plant she will be transplanting.

This is the result of Olivia's first transplanting.  Her "tree" is doing well on its own, just like the aloe vera plant. 

Olivia's "tree" that she transplanted.

We put the "baby plants" in a smaller planter and put them on an east-facing window ledge. 

Off-shoots of larger cacti and the aloe vera plant.

We are hoping that they develop stronger roots and grow larger.  It will be the first time that both girls will have successfully started new plants. 


Sonja said...

Good Job Girls!

Fairy Tale Mama said...

Great work! I love it when we can all dig in and get our hands dirty as a family too. Flower planting season is coming :-)