Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Growing Seeds Indoors

Olivia is growing bean seeds indoors for a science experiment.  Eventually, once the bean plants grow a bit taller she will treat the three containers differently:

Container 1 - Receives sunlight, water, and air.
Container 2 - Receives sunlight and air, but NO water.
Container 3 - Receives water and air, but NO sunlight.

She will see how important all three of these elements are to plants.  This is very timely because next month is the start of the gardening season in Minnesota. 

Olivia with her bean plants on March 8th.

The bean plants starting to emerge from the soil on March 4th.

Olivia planting bean seeds on February 18th.

After growing the bean seeds indoors and seeing how easy it is, we may start some seeds at home for some heirloom vegetables and fruits that require a slightly longer growing season and would benefit from being started as a transplant (versus seed) outdoors.

What are your favorite seeds to start indoors?

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Anonymous said...

We always start our tomatoes inside, it is wonderful to see the little seed heads bursting through the earth. It is still very snowy here and spring feels a long way off but I'm hoping we'll do a bit of growing this year. We are building a house so I'm not sure how it will all work but some growing is necessary!