Tuesday, March 22, 2011

52 Weeks of Giving - Week 13 - Donate Food to a Food Shelf

The girls are members of a 4-H club that has an active community service program.  At the last meeting, the project was to bring food to donate to the local food shelf, Family Pathways.  Collectively, the children donated 93 pounds of food to the food shelf.

Sophia and Olivia bringing their donations
for the 4-H food drive.

Sophia and Olivia each brought four cans of food to the meeting for the food shelf collection.  As we chose items from our cupboard, it was interesting to listen to their first reaction.  Sophia said, "I like tuna fish.  Why are we giving it away?"  Olivia added, "I like macaroni and cheese.  We should keep this."

When I explained that that each of those items could make a meal for a family who may be hungrier than we are, it made some sense.  "That tuna fish could be combined with noodles and Miracle Whip, and a family could enjoy lunch together.  And that macaroni and cheese...that could give some children food for a couple of meals." 

They understood then, and were more than happy to give food that they knew that other children would enjoy eating.  If they would eat it...then certainly another family might enjoy the food as well.

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Kelly said...

Love your post!

I look forward to instilling those same kinds of values in my son, too. I am driven to give to the people in my community who don't have the basic things they need to survive, and I want Nathan to feel that same pull.

When he's old enough to join in, I hope to find a local soup kitchen we can help out at. I really want to make the soup myself, too. I can picture big soup pots lined up on the stovetop and me stirring away while Nathan fills up bowl after bowl.

Each year around the holidays I donate gifts to a local self-sufficiency program -- I wrote about it a few times, but this post is my favorite:


Kelly @ Creating a Family Home