Monday, February 7, 2011

52 Weeks of Giving - Weeks 5 and 6 (Help Seniors and Color-A-Smile)

I'm combining Weeks 5 and 6 since I didn't take any pictures of the girls helping during Week 5.  As with an earlier week, the girls helped their grandparents again during Week 5.  They helped unload, sort, and put into the freezer a quarter side of beef. 

They also visited the adult day care program that their Papa (grandfather) attends twice a week.  Since there were about 50 clients there that day and they were sitting down to have lunch together, pulling out a camera just didn't feel right.  So, the girls talked with Papa for a bit and then went back to wait with the pet therapy dog (Roxy) until my mom and I were done talking with my dad.  It was good to see where he attends twice a week since the program is having such a positive impact on him.

After enjoying a quick lunch with Nana (the girls' grandmother), we took her grocery shopping so she could stock up on groceries (since she and my dad no longer can drive).  They helped find items that Nana needed, and also helped get some a few items that I needed as well. 


During Week 6, the girls colored pictures for Color A Smile.  Color A Smile collects crayon drawings from school children.  Every month they distribute these drawings to nursing homes, Meals on Wheels Programs, and individuals all across the country.  Their goal is to make people smile!

Sophia coloring a St. Patrick's Day design.

Olivia coloring a spring design.

Children can pick from a variety of designs or they can choose to draw their own image on the blank Color a Smile sheets.  At the bottom of the drawing, the child prints/handwrites her/his first name and age. 

Sophia working on a picture that will be sent to
someone in a nursing home, in the Meals on Wheels program,
or in need of cheering up.

I showed the girls a variety of designs.  They picked out three each for grandparents and to mail to Color A Smile who will distribute them to seniors.  They chose St. Patrick's Day and Spring designs to mail to Color a Smile so that they would have plenty of time to mail it to recipients.  The Valentine's Day designs are being mailed or brought to their grandparents.

Completed pictures waiting to be mailed or hand-delivered.

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