Sunday, October 31, 2010

Celebrating Halloween with Food

Halloween Dessert
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This year, the girls went through my ideas folder for Halloween.  Sophia chose several recipes from Family Fun that she wanted me to make. 

So, I tried them and made a special lunch for them this year.  The girls loved all the recipes and were so excited to have "the best lunch [they] ever had for Halloween!" 

These were the things I made that they enjoyed.  To the right is the mult-layered dessert that was in Family Fun magazine many years ago. I've wanted to try it, but it is loaded with dairy ingredients.

So, I modified the recipe by using orange food coloring to color the non-dairy vanilla ice cream orange and using Soy Whip.

This is a picture of the dairy version (the non-dairy version looks identical to the dairy one). The layers are:

- Crushed Oreo cookies
- Orange sherbet
- Cool Whip
- Crushed Oreo cookies

If the container was larger, the layers could be repeated. As it was, this was more than enough for a dessert.

Another thing I made were these apple mouths.  Family Fun  said to cut an apple into quarters, remove the core, and slice a section out of one side. Then, put slivered almonds into the "mouths" to look like teeth.

The girls thought these were funny. It got Olivia to eat an apple (with the peel) which is good. Sophia likes apples, so this was a different treat for her.

Sophia pulled this recipe out of my files. It's also from Family Fun magazine from many years ago. The recipe called for small tapioca pearls that were cooked and then colored green and blue. Unfortunately, small tapioca pearls didn't work. You really need to use the large pearls (like the kind that is used for bubble tea).  They should be at any Asian grocery store.

Since I had all the other ingredients on hand, I improvised. So, the beverage is lemonade with a couple of drops of green food coloring, diet 7-Up (instead of seltzer water which they wouldn't have enjoyed), a few gummy fish, and 1 gummy worm hanging out of the side of the cup. Mix it up, and serve.

The girls enjoyed the beverage and thought it tasted great. They liked using the fancy cups for this unusual drink.
The girls with their Swamp Juice, apple mouths, and layered dessert on Halloween.

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