Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kiwi's Blogger Follower Swap

Since March 2008, I've been a member of Swap-Bot.  It's been a wonderful way to connect with people from all over the world. 

What is Swap-Bot?

Swap-bot is a service and a community. Swap-bot facilitates group snail mail and internet swaps. It removes the hassle of collecting swap participants and assigning swap partners. Swap-bot is also a community where swappers can connect, share, and have fun.

Swap-bot was originally created to be a tool used by blog owners to facilitate mail swaps with their readers. The site has grown from a simple utility to a meeting place where at any given time there are over 500 public swaps being hosted. Swap-bot is completely free to use.

How have I used Swap-Bot?

I have several reasons for joining swaps.  The main ones are to:
- Challenge myself to try a new skill or art form; and have a deadline to complete the project.
- Develop my writing skills and begin creating a collection of short stories for my daughters.
- Learn from and be inspired from artists around the world.
- Provide an interesting way for my daughters to learn about world and U.S. geography.
- Receive items that can be used for homeschooling.
- Share my skills and time with others.

There are both short-term (one-time) and on-going swaps I've participated in on Swap-Bot.  One of my favorite ones this year has been the Journal Quilt Swap in which participants create a small journal quilt each month.  Each person sends a photograph or color copy of their quilt along with a description of it (e.g., how it was made, what it represents).  This is a year-long project which has been a wonderful way to increase my quilting skills while documenting the happenings of the year. 

There are pictures of some of the journal quilts I've made on this blog as well as other items I've made or done through Swap-Bot.


IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

How cool and an excellent way to teach and learn about the world and other cultures.

Thanks for sharing the information I've never heard of it before.


michelleK said...

I have just joined swap bot too :D. I am doing a long letter swap first off. I would have loved to have joined in the quilt swap.


Meep said...

Hi There! It's kiwivandal, thanks so much for joining my swap. I admire you for taking on the homeschooling, I have met many homeschooling moms on swap-bot, it sounds like a ton of work! Hope to see you in a swap again!

Im following, my user id is Meep.

The Brown's said...

Love how you teach your kids science hands on!

Blogger Follower Swap- icalea

~~Dawn said...

I adore the felt pancakes!! Thanks for sharing your blog!

~DawnI5579 from Swap-Bot

Terica said...

I found your blog yeah , what art I will be back! I am now following you too.
Kiwi's Blogger Followers swap
Peace flowerimpressions

Ingrid said...

Will definitely be keeping an eye on your blog to assist me in my own homeschooling. Lots of inspiration. Glad I was partnered up with you for this swap.