Monday, August 16, 2010

Homeschooling Outdoors

It was such a beautiful afternoon, that I decided to have the girls bring out blankets and pillows so we could do homeschooling outside.

They set up right in the shade on a beautiful tree in the backyard.

After a week of 90+ degree temperatures with high humidity, today's temperature in the upper 70s with a nice wind from the northwest felt so refreshing.

Reading out loud, language arts, map skills, and spelling were so enjoyable - especially when you could listen to the birds singing in the trees and the clouds moving overhead.

Here are some more pictures of homeschooling outside:

Reading Aloud Outside

Sophia reading "A Lion to Guard Us."

Olivia Running

Olivia taking a break from language arts to run around and leap over grass piles in the backyard.

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Laurel said...

My kids and I used to take a blanket outside and have a "book party" - we'd just take a pile of books and I'd read aloud to them. We spent hours doing that in the shade of our crab apple tree. Good memories.