Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Small Town County Fairs

Ferris Wheel Top
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Went to a county fair in Wisconsin. This is the first year that we've gone to fairs other than the Washingon County one.

It's been fun to see the different exhibits, animals, and booths. I never realized until this second fair how focused the girls are on finding freebies.

I have to laugh (to myself) because I remember how much fun I had getting all the free things at the Minnesota State Fair - pencils, pens, recipes, informational didn't matter.

The important thing was that I had a great time going through my collection of freebies at home after the State Fair. It was like re-living the fair...without all the walking.

The girls went on two rides each this past weekend at the fair. They wanted to go on the ferris wheel together, and sat in car #10. It's at the top in this picture. They enjoyed going on the ferris wheel and seeing the fair from such a high place.

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