Thursday, April 29, 2010

Box Day

Sophia on Box Day
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The girls and I had just unpacked all the books and curriculum for next year. Sophia's items are in front of her, and Olivia's are next to her against the wall.

(The brown paper is what came in the boxes for packaging. We hadn't cleaned the living room yet.)

They can't wait to get started with homeschooling for next year. They'll have to wait though. They wrap up this year's curriculum in about 2 weeks.

Then, we take a break during late-May and June to do projects for the county fair in July as well as doing more hands-on projects around the home and in the garden.

We start homeschooling using the Sonlight curriculum by the beginning of July...though it's integrated with projects for the fair, continued activities outside, and summer programs/swimming lessons/camps.

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