Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Birthday Quilt

This was made for my mom's 80th birthday. There are handprints with each family member. All the hands are blanket-stitched by hand onto the white, cotton fabric.

The person's name is hand-embroidered by her/his hand.

On the blue flannel squares are qualities that describe my mom (one per square). All family members over the age of 7 years old were asked to describe my mom.

I took the most popular character qualities and put those at the top and worked my way down to the bottom of the quilt.

The quilt backing is fleece and it is filled with fiberfill so it can be washed easily (versus a sheep wool filling which I normally use for quilting).

The quilt is tied with hand-dyed yarn from South Africa. It is in shades of blue and green.

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