Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hands-on Science

Making a Circuit
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One of the things that I've enjoyed about this year's science curriculum is the number of hands-on experiments that bring to life what might be a difficult concept to grasp.

This week, the girls are learning about electricity and circuits. The hands-on activity was to set up a simple circuit with a light bulb and battery. The light bulb had a faint light.

We taped more batteries together and the girls saw how the light would get brighter. With more voltage, the light became significantly brighter.

Another experiment we did today was to make a simple switch to turn the light bulb on and off.

Both the girls enjoyed these activities and were excited to learn more about electricity.

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daysease said...

this is such a great idea... I may have to make that a summer activity!! I think my kids will love it.

celita (spice-c7)