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A to Z Challenge - Graduation Planning

During the month of April, I will be writing Monday through Saturday; and will exploring crafting, holidays, recipes, travel, and other items I've pinned on Pinterest. Each post will focus on a different letter of the alphabet. Today, I am focusing on the letter "G" and will be looking at my Senior Year of High School board.

Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday I was exploring a new world with Sophia.

Before I knew it, she was a young girl.

And then she was in elementary school.

And now she's in high school. This year has gone by incredibly fast. I know at the beginning of the year that parents who have had seniors say that the year goes by quickly. You start in September and the months go by at lightening speed. It's true.

So, I as I look at the final two months of homeschooling Sophia, and realize that the graduation ceremony is next month(!!) and her graduation part will be in two months(!!), I realized I better get a schedule of what needs to be done or it won't get done.

I looked at each of the sub-sections of my Senior Year of High School board on Pinterest and created a master list of things that need to be done between now and first week of July (the week after Sophia's graduation party).

The main sections refer to preparing for Sophia's graduation party. The "Other Things To Do" sections refer to preparing for Sophia's graduation ceremony. I didn't include any things that refer to home and yard improvement; and the final things that need to be done with the fire recovery project (the repairs for the fire at our farm that happened on May 5, 2018) since those are specific to our family - not in general.

Perhaps this list will be of use to others planning a graduation ceremony and party. The dates for the former are May 21st and latter is June 29th.

April 1st - 22nd (for the graduation party):

- Pick a day and time – Saturday, June 29, 2019 from 1-5 p.m.
- Choose a theme/colors – Purple and Silver
- Location – Our home
- Rent tent – Ordered through the Lions - $35; pick-up on June 28th.
- Set a budget
- Rent tables and chairs
- Book entertainment
- Plan the menu
  o Look for ideas on the Graduation Party board
  o Open face sandwiches with edible flowers
  o Go through recipes in recipe binder and in recipes boxes 
- Order food if any part of the menu will be  catered
- Order dessert(s) - cupcakes with purple frosting and cake
- Create invitations to party - did this on Shutterfly when there was a 50% off sale
- Create guest list
  o Get addresses
- Get yard games
- Choose songs for the slide show/video of Sophia's life and education
- Choose photos for the display boards
- Upload photos onto Flickr of Sophia from 2013-2019 and have ones Sophia wants printed

Other things to do (graduation ceremony):
- Check re: make-up application on graduation date (cost)
- Get a haircut and eyebrows waxed – Olivia and Sophia respectively
- Everyone gets hair cut (1 month before graduation ceremony)
- Order a flower crown for graduation day:

April 23rd - May 3rd

Other things to do:
- Look at graduation poems and quotes. Determine whether to use them in book or for decorations:

May 4th - 18th

- Send invitations to the party
- Make grocery list
- Create music playlist
- Entertainment follow-up
- Rental follow-up
- Caterer follow-up
- Make custom items – favors, decorations, card box, centerpieces, branches decorated with clear lights, buntings with Sophia’s name/words (e.g., joy), little tassels, wooden flower holder for the wall - Create slideshow or video about Sophia's life and education
- Create photo boards
o Idea for showing shows 1st through 12th grade photos
o There are display ideas here for the graduation ceremony in May and party in June
o Think about things to put in front of the display - something from China; harp and piano music; ceramics item; 4-H awards; college stuff; photos in frames, and/or books
o Nice format for a display board
o Early years display board with a poem in the center 

Other things to do:
- Determine if Sophia wants to decorate cap
- Get clothes to wear for graduation ceremony. For me and anyone else who needs an outfit
- Start on graduation quilt
- Make graduation money lei. Instructions for doing circles; put a verse and photo at the bottom; butterfly; flower; heart; and incorporating different shapes
- Make a money cake. Another idea is here.
- Do a gift card wreath

May 19th - 23rd - Graduation Ceremony Week

Other things to do:
- Take senior photos around town and on graduation day. Ideas here
   - Go on a mural photo shoot around Minneapolis. There are 17 different art murals. It would be good to visit them and take photos – Sophia, Olivia, and girls together. They also could do these for a 4-H project
   - Go to Silverwood Park – there’s an island bridge used in photos
   - Photograph 4-H and Open Class Ribbons
   - Flower crown
   - Placing the cap on so it doesn’t look odd
   - Photo with progress made educationally. Need to get a chalkboard and chalk for this.
   - Photo with harp
   - Photo with parents. Another idea is here
   - Tossing cap in the air against a blue sky:
- Entertain out-of-town guests and go out to eat at a special restaurant the day after graduation

June 1st - 8th

- Confirm cake/desserts order
- Order balloons and flowers
- Finalize menu
- Purchase non-perishable food
- Get tablecloths, trash bags, cups, plates, napkins, and utensils
- Get silver polish and clean off silver serving dishes
- Get bug spray and citronella candles
- Get thank you notes
- Get a graduation guest book (for guests to sign at party)
- Schedule cleaning help
- Shop for clothes to wear for graduation party
- Anyone who needs hair trimmed should do so
- Make 2019 photo display for the wall in the garage:
- Paint wood letters and get pen for guests to sign for Sophia
- Do a shadow box with cap, gown, cords, diploma, graduation announcement, party invitation. Some ideas are here, here, and here
- Do a photo backdrop or two. Use ideas from here or here
- This board has some ideas for decorating

June 15th - 22nd 

- Review RSVP guest list
- Confirm caterer, rentals, entertainment
- Organize party items and decorations
- Print party printables
- Draw/plan drink station, buffet and dessert tables; set-up for eating; set-up for displays; set-up for card box, gifts, and sign-in book
- Choose card games and board games to put out on some of the tables
- Create little areas of interest in the backyard – like a Maypole and labyrinth

June 27th - 28th 

- Clean inside and outside of home
- Wash serveware
- Set up tables and serving areas
- Set up party decorations
- Prepare make-ahead food
- Check technology
- Prep camera and charge batteries
- Supply bathroom with extra toilet paper and hand towels
- Set up extra large trash cans and recycling bins
- Create extra space in the refrigerator
- Touch base with caterer
- Pick up tent from the Lions
- Pick up recycling containers from the County

June 29th

- Tidy up the home
- Buy ice
- Pick up food, cake, and balloons
- Prepare last-minute food
- Chill beverages in coolers
- Final d├ęcor touches
- Turn on music
- Take pictures and video
- Enjoy!

Week after the Party
- Return tent
- Return recycling containers
- Return any tables and chairs we borrowed
- Return any rental items
- Write thank you notes to everyone who gave gifts or money

July 1st - 15th
- Look at other ideas for gifts that will be given as Sophia goes to college next month. Also look at packing lists for college.
- Start working on memory gifts to bring to college

July 15th – August 15th
- Prepare “Open When” cards to give on the first day of college/moving in:

August 16th – 31st
- Prepare a packet for things needed the first week of college
- Make a college survival kit in hanging pocket holder

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