Wednesday, January 9, 2019

2019 Nature Goals

During 2019, I would like to work towards the following goals. Some I've done in the past and others are new ones for this year:

1. Keep up-to-date with the new Nature Observer nature journal I received for Christmas.

2. Read 4 books about nature.

3. Visit 1 national park.

We plan to visit Denali National Park this year 
for Sophia's graduation trip.

4. Visit 2 state parks and their nature centers that I’ve never seen.

5. Take 6 new hikes.

6. Go on a camping trip.

Olivia and I went camping in southeastern Minnesota in 2018.

7. Plant on our nature trail 10 trees and shrubs that are native to Minnesota. (Do this after assessing what types of trees we have at the farm and aiming to have at least 25 different varieties after everything is planted.)

8. Have 4 picnics when the weather is pleasant and we aren't battling with mosquitoes.

9. Finish re-grading and sodding the backyard so weeds don't overtake our lawn; and finish the flower and prairie gardens by early June so we can enjoy them during the summer; and wildlife can benefit from them. Use the National Wildlife Federation's checklist for gardening for wildlife as a reference.

10. Learn about and/or interact with two different animals or birds while in Alaska while at the aquarium and/or wildlife conservation center.


Rita said...

Wonderful goals. A
Some practical and generally a lot of fun. :)

Erica said...

I enjoyed reading about your nature goals! I'm thinking of buying that nature journal. I don't spend enough time outside. I live in New Jersey (USA), where it's usually either too hot or too cold for me to be outside and be comfortable. However, I do try to go to a local celery farm to walk once in a while. I also do an outdoor yoga class in the summer. The yoga class is subsidized by my town, so it's affordable for me, despite my limited budget. Cheers! EricaBella from Swap-Bot