Friday, November 23, 2018

Volunteering at Feed My Starving Children

On Friday, November 23rd, I coordinated a volunteer group to pack food at Feed My Starving Children. We had 22 volunteers - youth and adults - plus 8 others who were at FMSC but were not part of my group.

The 30 volunteers filled two work stations. Below, Olivia is working on opening bags and holding them open while they are being filled.

Sophia did the same job at the other side of the table.

It was nice working together as a family on this packing activity.

My role was to take the sealed food packages and put them in 18 groups of two. I packed 36 packages in each box.

Our work stations packed 23 boxes.

The other station packed 31 boxes. They had mostly adults whereas our table had mostly youth.

After we packed the boxes and cleaned the stations, we could sample the food that is shipped to people around the world.

Collectively at the 12-2 packing session, 231 boxes were packed. That means that 49,896 meals were made. This represents 136 children for a year.

Below is a group of volunteers (minus two adults).

This was a meaningful way to spend the day after Thanksgiving. Everyone who attended the packing session was happy they came to Feed My Starving Children on their holiday weekend.

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