Saturday, September 29, 2018

September Scavenger Hunt

I'm participating in a swap on Swap-Bot during September where I need to find and photograph five items as part of a scavenger hunt. Below are the items and my photos:

1 - Something inside something else

During late-September and early-October the milkweed plants become filled with seeds. Eventually, the pods dry and crack open; and the tear-dropped shaped seeds that are attached to bright-white fluff are prodded out by the wind and carried off to a new place.

Since the girls were young, we open the pods and spread the seeds, letting the wind carry them where they want. I am happy to see many more milkweed plants in the ditches and in the pastures of our property.

We saw quite a few monarchs this year, too, so the effort is paying off in attracting them to our farm.

2 - Something in a package or grouping of 3

I'm taking a pottery class and am learning some new techniques which I've never done before. Below are three different plates of varying sizes that I made.

The pattern on the first one is rolled onto a slab of clay; and the other two are rubber stamps that are pressed into clay.

A container or wood block is pushed into the center of the pieces that are resting on a thick piece of foam. This creates the shape.

Depending on the size of the container or wood block as well as how hard you press, it will determine how high the sides are.

The largest piece is dipped in two different colors of glaze; and the two smaller pieces are dipped in one color of glaze.

3 - Something other than your car that has 4 wheels

Our car is the first vehicle in a line of vehicles spanning the length of our driveway (minus the area where the dumpster is still located as we continue the clean-up and rebuilding after the fire).

The three trucks all belong to the local electric company which is doing work on the garage and barn as well as re-positioning the electric lines that go into our home.

There were multiple electricians here that were doing different aspects of the jobs. Collectively, it is a big project.

4 - Something that floats

This is a flower that was floating in a beautiful water fountain where my daughter had her outdoor senior photos taken. We lucked out in terms of weather - it was in the mid-50s and partly cloudy.

After taking some photos inside at the photographer's studio, we went to a lovely park that had multiple flower gardens, water fountains, a gazebo, hedges, benches, and evergreen sculptures.

5 - Something polka-dotted

This was a bit more challenging to find. We don't have polka-dotted items in our home, so I had to go to Wal-Mart and see if they had bolts of polka-dotted fabric. Sure enough, there was a wide variety of colors and polka-dot sizes.

As I looked at the colors, I was thinking that the combination of polka-dotted fabric would make a cute quilt for a girl. Sophia and Olivia are a bit too old now for this type of fabric, but they would have liked it when they were younger (though Olivia would have liked reds and blues).


This was a fun challenge and certainly made me look around my home, yard, and a store to find everything!

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Rita said...

Fun post! The pottery class really sounds like fun to me. Love what you made and the two colored dish is awesome. :)