Friday, July 20, 2018

Embroidered Button Bookmarks

For a long now, I've had a pin on Pinterest that shows a variety of bookmarks made from circles of felt, buttons, and paper clips. I've wanted to make them, but haven't taken the time to do any embroidery and crafting.

This morning, I gathered my wool felt bin, embroidery floss holder, and the other supplies needed to make the bookmarks (buttons, needle, scissor, and paper clips).

I cut two larger circles out of one color of felt, one smaller circle out of another color of felt, and found complementary buttons.

First, I sewed the button onto the smaller circle of felt. Then, I used the buttonhole stitch to sew the smaller circle of felt onto one of the larger circles of felt.

I placed both of the larger circles of felt on top of one another and sewed them together using the buttonhole stitch. As I was almost done sewing, I inserted a large paperclip into the opening and then embroidered the rest the circles of felt.

The paperclip does move up and down a bit, so one way to fix that would have been to sew the top of the paper clip onto one of the larger pieces of felt.

This was an easy project to do that used up some scraps of wool felt that I had on hand.

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Rita said...

Cute and colorful! :)