Thursday, May 31, 2018

Outdoor Mom's Journal - May

During our outdoor time this month we went...camping at Forestville State Park in southern Minnesota. Olivia and I did this trip since she is interested in caves, and there are two caves in this area: Niagara Cave and Mystery Cave.

We visited both of the caves while we were camping.

We also went on three hikes - two were at Forestville State Park and one was at Lake Louise State Park.

The most inspiring thing we experienced was...seeing all the wildflowers blooming while we were staying in southern Minnesota.

I saw fields of bluebells which I've never seen before.

Our outdoor time made us ask (or wonder about) to prevent moles, voles, and other underground animals from eating the bulbs we plant in the Fall. 

We have planted so many bulbs and only a handful survive through the winter. However, perennial plants seem to do much better. As much as I enjoy seeing crocus and tulip, these are the bulbs that the underground animals devour. I can't keep feeding them. They'll have to find something else to eat.

In the garden, we are planning/planting/harvesting....
a variety of things. We got a late start this year because of the fire. However, I transplanted tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, and many different types of herbs.

For seeds, I planted beans and carrots.

The apple, pear, and plum trees are all in full blossom.

I am planning to weed and plant perennials in the butterfly garden that's in the backyard. I am tired of looking at tall grass and weeds where a garden should be. I'm hoping this year, by purchasing larger plants, that I don't have to battle with as many weeds in the future.

I added nature journal pages about...nothing. I want to do a couple of pages about the trip to Forestville State Park and what I saw.

I am reading...
Never Cry Wolf. I'm enjoying this book and am happy I'm reading it.

I am dreaming about…
pizza made with fresh herbs, tomatoes, onions, and peppers from the garden.

A photo I would like to share...of bleeding hearts under the front pine trees.


Thank you to Barb the Outdoor Hour Challenge for the idea of doing an Outdoor Mom's Journal.

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Rita said...

Caves make me feel claustrophobic, but I love seeing pictures of them. You also have some other precious pictures. Love the blue egg shell and the various flowers. :)