Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Photo Scavenger Hunt - March

On Swap-Bot, I signed up for a electronic swap that is a photo scavenger hunt. For the swap, the participants needed to find six items, take a photo of each one, and share the findings with their  partners.

Here are the items for March:

An animal that is not your pet:

I was driving Sophia home from harp lessons on Wednesday, March 21st and we were passing beautiful, open land about 10 minutes from our home. In the distance, there were two large birds. Pulled to the side of the road to get a closer look and saw that they were sandhill cranes.

The day before, the first day of Spring, I had heard a sandhill crane flying by our home. The 21st was the first day that I saw a pair of them.

This is sure sign that Spring is here...despite the snow on the ground!

A funny or unique poster or banner that your saw on a wall or building somewhere:

This is a sign for a business that is about 15 minutes away from us in a town that has strong Swedish roots.

It struck me as funny the way that they chose to depict Swedish people and a family restaurant. I don't see people looking like this around the area. The sign did catch my eye though...so maybe that's the purpose of it.

A beautiful sky - clouds, sunrise, or sunset.

This is a sunrise on March 25th. It is looking northeast from our farm.

The clouds were shades of pink and lavender beyond this golden orange sunrise.

Your favorite mug or cup.

Olivia gave me this mug for Christmas. I like wildlife and we've seen foxes on our farm, so this mug is a nice reminder of seeing them.

The design of the fur and tail - with tiny patterns that are colored in randomly also is something that I enjoy looking at. Coloring and art are things I've enjoyed doing as a child and adult.

Something cluttered or messy.

We have a hodge podge of dishes - some belong to sets, others are random pieces from the thrift store, and others are ones that the girls painted in ceramics classes throughout the year.

Since we're a homeschooling family, we eat all of our meals at home. Every once in a while we will go out for something to eat. However, the majority of our meals are eaten here. So, that means we go through a lot of dishes each day. Regardless, I needed to reduce the number of dishes so they are easier to find ones we need and put them away.

So, I took everything out of the cabinet plus the extra dishes in another cabinet and we went through each plate, cup, mug, bowl, salt and pepper shaker. We got rid of ones that were chipped or ones that we didn't particularly care for any more. It still looks like a lot of dishes. However, the majority of the dishes are ones that we typically use within a two-day period.

Something purple or mostly purple.

These are some of the grand champion ribbons that I have won at the county fair for items I've entered. There have been awards for needlework, food preservation, writing, and collections.

The ribbons hang on a closet knob in my home office. The other closet knob holds the reserve grand champion ribbons and additional grand champion ribbons that didn't fit on the other knob.

My daughters and I enjoy competing in the county fair each year. We've been doing this now for 11 years. We're looking forward to the upcoming season and entering projects in a variety of areas.

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Rita said...

What a fun challenge! The geese have been arriving up here for some time despite the snow, too. :)