Saturday, November 18, 2017

Celebrating Olivia's Adoption Day

This year marks the 14th anniversary of adopting Olivia. It was low-key year because I'm recovering from foot surgery (done on November 14th).

For breakfast, I made pancakes and we had real maple syrup from Canada.

Thursday was a homeschooling day, so the girls worked on the subjects they needed to focus on.

In the afternoon, the girls and Paige went to the YMCA to enjoy some time in the pool and walking around the indoor track. They picked up a Papa Murphy's pizza and brought it home for dinner.

While they were gone, I made brownies. When they came home, they brought mint chocolate chip ice cream to which I added pieces of the brownie and Andes mint pieces. I put the ice cream mixture back in the refrigerator while we ate dinner.

We had a nice meal together and then ate dessert.

For Olivia's special gift, she took a jewelry making class at White Bear Center for the Arts on Saturday, November 18th. She made two rings and a pendant from clay-metal. It's clay that is fired in a kiln and turns into metal. Olivia really enjoyed the class and making the rings.

At some point (probably on Sophia's adoption day celebration which is on November 26th), we will go through the memory bin of items that we brought back from China. Olivia can pick an item from the bin to use or display as she has done each year since she was adopted.

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Rita said...

Sweet day--in many ways. Nice! :) :)