Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Tea Party at Panola Valley Gardens - ABC of Summer Fun (Letter T)

On Sunday, August 13th, Sophia, Olivia, and I went to Panola Valley Gardens for an afternoon tea. The flowers were beautiful.

As we walked from the parking lot to the pavilion (in the background) where the tea party was being held, there were colorful gardens everywhere.

There were annuals combined with perennials.

There was a very light rain, so the flowers were covered with rain drops.

There were sheep grazing in the pasture in the distance.

Statues were in some of the gardens.

The afternoon tea menu was displayed so we knew what to expect.

The tea cups and pots were displayed on a table. Each guest could pick one cup and saucer; and there was one tea pot for each table.

Olivia liked the black tea pot, so we picked that one.

The tables were under a pavilion that had glass doors. Since it was sprinkling, the glass doors were closed.

The girls by the tea cup and tea pot table.

We had our own table in a quiet corner which was nice.

Our centerpiece was red and greens.

The table next to us had a centerpiece with pinks and purples.

This was our table setting. Each table had different color napkins, placemats, plates, and cups.

What was nice was that each table was reserved for only the guests in one's party. So, there was no need to make small talk with strangers.

There was lemon curd and Devonshire cream for the scones; and a fresh fruit plate.

We enjoyed a variety of sandwiches.

Sophia enjoyed sampling a variety of sandwiches. There were plenty of sandwiches for us to try each one.

There was a chicken salad sandwich and spanakopita that we all liked. Sophia and I liked the egg salad sandwiches too. 

The scones were delicious. Soft, slightly sweet, and flavorful - blueberry, raspberry, and cinnamon-apple flavors.

There were a variety of desserts.

The girls were so excited to try macaroons.

Each of the desserts was different from the other which was nice. There was such a variety in taste throughout the afternoon tea.

We all enjoyed the experience and would like to go back at another time. There are both lunches and afternoon teas throughout the summer. Perhaps this will become an annual activity for us.


Love Bears All Things said...

What a fun way to spend a lunch with each other...memories being made.
Mama Bear

Louca por porcelana said...

Wonderful tea time! Gorgeous teapot,beautiful flowers and delicious food!

Bernideen said...

This was amazing Ann. I am so thrilled you posted and shared! I loved seeing this Afternoon Tea and all the wonderful photos. Thank you so much for sharing and linking.

Margie said...

What a wonderful tea party! I especially like how you got to select your own teacups and teapots. I would have picked the black teapot too!

Jean | said...

Ann, what a lovely tea in a very special setting. I'd go there every summer, once a month!

Ruth W said...

What a special place and tea! How did you ever decide on a teacup and teapot! The grounds are gorgeous, and the menu was wonderful! What fun! I apologize for being late visiting! The last few weeks have been a whirl with birthday, sinus problems, friends visiting and then a smoke escape with a last minute cruise…only to return to more smoke…causing a sinus infection! Oh well…but I am almost up to speed…yay!
Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!